The King of Zard, a satirical poem about lockdown

The King of Zard is a fairytale about a pandemic, written in verse. It mocks the government’s response to Covid-19 in a humorous style. Social distancing, group-think, bureaucracy, face masks, dodgy science and government interference all get a bashing in this short, easy to read story. Inspiration came from stories like The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen and Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift - stories which entertain both adults and children whilst highlighting the absurdities of human society. The story is set in an unspecific time and place but it has a European medieval feel to it. The book is available on Amazon for £4.99 including postage, or alternatively you can download the e-book here for just 99p. (PDF format). All proceeds will be donated to UsforThem, who campaign for the needs of children to be prioritised in response to decisions on Coronavirus, and beyond.

“…witty, clever, comical but with a ring of truth and a deep message.”

“…raises some poignant questions about how we want to be governed and how we want to live our lives. A recommend read for anyone who feels that something isn't quite right.”

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