The Legend of King Krutch

An excerpt from ‘The King of Zard’

Andy Lambeth

2021-08-11 1 min read

I tell a tale of days gone by.

It’s not been told that much,

But you may find some answers in

The legend of King Krutch . . .


A drought had struck. It lasted months,

The crops had all gone dry.

Starvation spread throughout the land,

Folks stared up to the sky.


The King’s top aides and scientists,

Were smart and knew so much,

‘We have a plan to make it rain,’

They proudly told King Krutch.


‘When thunder comes it shakes the clouds

And then the storms begin.

We’ll reach the skies and start the rain

By making a loud din.’


They raised a tower up to the clouds,

Miles high, an acre wide.

With spiral stairs to reach the top,

To build it, many died.


The army marched up to the top,

They beat the drums of war.

Dogs barked, cats snarled and buglers blew,

The skies began to roar.


Cacophonies from way up high,

The clouds they really shook.

But not one little drop of rain

‘Let’s take another look . . .’


The King met with his aides again,

‘How do we fix this mess?’

‘Just brass it out, the rain will come

And then we’ll claim success.’


More beasts ascended, lions and wolves,

Then monks went up to chant.

Top heavy now with all that weight,

The tower began to slant.


‘Please let it rain soon,’ prayed the King,

‘Or even just a shower.’

And then it did one day, ‘Hooray!’

But lightning struck the tower.


It came down fast, a hellish sight,

A barrage from up high.

Bricks and mortar, men and beasts

All falling from the sky.


Ten thousand crushed beneath the heap,

Men, women, children too.

They say that King Krutch died of shame,

Well I would, wouldn’t you?


This ghastly tale got buried deep,

Erased from history’s logs

But to this day, you hear folks say,

‘It’s raining cats and dogs.’


‘Aha, the penny’s dropped!’ cried Ocke.

He gave the sage a nod.

‘Some things one just cannot control.

I’m King, but I’m not God.'


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